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  • Teresa Medland

In lovely sunshine we ……………………

Played our first Club Tourniment of the season, Eric Smith Triples it was a packed Green with 36 members taking part including many new members playing their very first tourniment day. The 12 teams were draw into 2 groups, who all played each other

Four games were played in the morning with a break at 1oclock for a lovely Pasty lunch, thanks to Felicity and Teresa for catering all day. Thanks also goes to Clifford for manning the bar all day and weren't those cool drinks needed. Then followed a further 2 games this afternoon which gave us the 2 winning teams, 1 from each group. Chris Nicol, Eric Doidge and Colin Fishleigh and Gary Jenkinson, Maureen Lane and Bill Medland then played a 10 End Final. A hard fought game followed but congratulations go to Gary, Maureen and Bill. A big thank you goes to Claire for organising the whole tourniment. A brilliant day all around.

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